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Here you access your .ca canadian domain names control panel. You can change DNS or renew all of your canadian .ca domains in 2 clicks. Also buy (or renew existing) canadian web hosting packages, manage your URL, IP and email forwarding and get any of our email addresses canada offerings

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Creative Pixels, INC. and understand our users concern for privacy. This document describes in detail our privacy policy and how we handle the information gathered on our site.

1) All info submitted during the registration process is stored in our database and is always accessible and editable by the user.

We do not sell the user info to any other third party, unless Creative Pixels, INC. and/or are sold in their entirety to a third party. The data is then transferred to the new party but only after a written agreement that they will continue to respect our users privacy as detailed in this document. We do not indulge in any telemarketing, or snail mail promotions, and we have zero tolerance for spamming.

2) If you are a .ca domain holder, some of your info will show up when your domain name is queried using the whois utility unless you opted for CIRA privacy. This is not our rule but that of CIRA. It stipulates that the name of the domain holder, phone contact, email address and physical address show up on public whois records, again unless you opted for CIRA whois privacy. CIRA whois privacy is offered by default to all registrants that are individuals. If you have any questions in that regard, please contact CIRA.

3) We occasionnally send out announcements via email to advise you of major changes happening on our site that may impact your domains and services and also to let you know of any new services we start to offer, and/or promotions we are running. At any point in time you can stop the delivery of these messages to your email address on record by logging in to and changing your mailing preferences to 'Do not send any email notices'.

4) If you are participating in our dot ca auctions, and you won a domain name, your final proxy bid will be kept private as well as your username and contact info. If you are a successful seller on any of our auctions, your personal info is protected and never disclosed. Furthermore, nothing in your auction participation will jeopardize any info not disclosed by CIRA's whois privacy policy. After a domain is sold for example, we transfer the domain first to us then to the buyer. Accordingly neither buyer nor seller can conclude any identifying info about the other party from any activity that took place in any of our auctions.

5) We have a dedicated email address to report any abuse of your email address, data, or privacy. Please address all concerns to [email protected], INC. is certified by CIRA, the canadian entity assigned by the government of Canada to manage the canadian .ca domains, as a CIRA certified .ca canadian domains registrar. Click here to verify
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