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Here you access your .ca canadian domain names control panel. You can change DNS or renew all of your canadian .ca domains in 2 clicks. Also buy (or renew existing) canadian web hosting packages, manage your URL, IP and email forwarding and get any of our email addresses canada offerings

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Want to register canadian .ca domains, buy any of our canada web hosting packages, canadian email addresess, or forwarding services  but prefer not to use a credit card? No problem! offers you the ability to get any of our offered services without using a credit card.
Create New Account Terms of Agreement


Your relationship with us is governed by the rules and regulations of the province of Ontario in the country of Canada. Any dispute must be decided by Ontario courts.

We reserve the right to stop offering services at anytime for anyone for any of the following reasons:
  1. Attempts to interfere with normal operations of any of our servers including any attempts of hacking, snooping,...
  2. Endangering the wellbeing of any of our staff through the infliction of physical or emotional stress or harm. This includes among others all acts of harrassment, threats, physical abuse, violation of privacy, discrimination, and verbal abuse.
  3. Sending us threats via email and/or other forms of communication methods (Physical mail, faxes, voice mail,...)
  4. Contacting us in any inappropriate, hostile, or intimidating fashion
  5. Making false allegations about our company in any way or fashion on any public or private method of communication.

We reserve the right to determine whether any specific act committed violates this section of this agreement. We also reserve the right to take whatever action we deem necessary in this regard including contacting the RMCP and taking legal action against violators.

Should we decide to cancel any service, we reserve the right to determine whether we issue a partial credit that covers the unused portion of that cancelled service or no credit at all due to violation of our terms of agreement.

No Refund All orders placed on are non refundable except in case of non delivery of service in time.

Failure to Deliver Purchased Service in Time: Whenever you purchase a service from us, we will make reasonable efforts to deliver that service to you expeditiously. Failure from us to do so entitles you to a full, no questions asked, 100% refund. The amount of refund due can never exceed the total amount placed for the service. That purchase price determines our maximum liability under all scenarios that lead to service not being delivered. This includes hardware or software errors, programming malfunction, and/or whatever maybe construed as gross negligence. At no point in time will we ever be held liable to any direct or indirect losses beyond the initial amount paid for the non-delivered service.

Domain Registration

  1. You are the rightful owner of the domain registration
  2. To be eligible to register Canadian domains, you need to satisfy Canadian Presence requirements
  3. You may lose access to your domain if CIRA determines you have violated the registrant agreement
  4. Furthermore, you may lose access and/or ownership of your .ca domain if one the following happens:
    a) We cannot collect the due registration fees (Credit card chargeback, paying with stolen funds)
    b) You are found by a canadian court to have used that domain name in any activity related to child pornography or criminal behavior
  5. c) You fail to read and act upon any email notice sent from either us or CIRA with respect to your domain or CIRA registration account.


Web hosting:

A) Our Commitment to you:

  1. We'll go out of our way to provide you with a fast and reliable hosting environment for all sites hosted with us
  2. We’ll maintain our hardware and software and apply security and other upgrades as needed. This may result in occasional short interruption in service. We'll do our best to schedule our server maintenance after midnight when traffic is much lower to all websites.
  3. Rarely, there may be a need to move to another ISP. We'll do our best to give you ample notice beforehand so that this results in minimal interruption with respect to your site access. In extreme cases, you may need to re-setup certain parts of your site like email addresses, email forwarding, and mailing addresses. This is going to be a very rare happening if any.

B) Your responsibilities:

  • You read the email notices we send you with respect to server maintenance.
  • You do not engage in any illegal activity of any kind or sort. An illegal activity is one that violates the laws of any country. Furthermore, you do not use your domain in any act of hatred, bigotry, or discrimination
  • You cannot use your domains or hosting services to send any spam (Bulk commercial unauthorized email). We have a zero tolerance policy towards spam and will close your account if we determine, at our sole discretion, that you did engage in spam mailing. Our ISP charges us $300 USD for any spam incident that originates from our server. If that happens because of something you did, you agree that you will be responsible for this charge and that you'll pay it within 7 days of receiving our written notice in that regard.

    In other words: DO NOT SEND ANY SPAM from our servers.

  • You do not host any illegal material like warez, pirated software, ..... or any material that infringes on anyone's intellectual property, INC. is certified by CIRA, the canadian entity assigned by the government of Canada to manage the canadian .ca domains, as a CIRA certified .ca canadian domains registrar. Click here to verify
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