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Here you access your .ca canadian domain names control panel. You can change DNS or renew all of your canadian .ca domains in 2 clicks. Also buy (or renew existing) canadian web hosting packages, manage your URL, IP and email forwarding and get any of our email addresses canada offerings

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Want to register canadian .ca domains, buy any of our canada web hosting packages, canadian email addresess, or forwarding services  but prefer not to use a credit card? No problem! offers you the ability to get any of our offered services without using a credit card.
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Canadian Domain Names Registration

The first step in registering a canadian domain name is to find out whether that .ca domain is available for registration. To do so, enter the domain names you want in the box below. You can check the availability for multiple .ca domains at a time by entering them in the box below one per line. The system will then let you know which of these .ca urls is available for registration.

Putting a check mark in the checkbox to the right of the box below returns system suggestion for similar domains you may want to consider.

 one .ca domain name per line
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Note: Please enter the .ca domains you would like to register,in the box above, one per line. Note that this form is for canadian domain names only, meaning it is only for .ca domain names ( domains that end in .ca). Do not enter .com or other domains as these will be returned as invalid.

Valid canadian domain names are at least 2 characters long each and contain only letters and digits. The dash ( - ) is accepted but not at the beginning or end of any .ca url. No other characters (commas, spaces, underscores, slashes,..) are allowed.

Make sure you do not put extra dots. If you want the canadian domain name, do not enter it as Your canadian domain name must have no dots except the one in .ca at the very end. Otherwise it will be rejected as invalid. Unless of course you are trying to register a canadian provincial domain name (e.g.,,,,,,....) then you can have 2 dots in your canadian domain name one before the province code and the other before the ca.

If your business is confined to one city, then you may want to consider a provincial variant of the canadian domain name you are seeking. For example, if you do photofinishing, you may wanna consider if you are from Toronto, Ontario, if you are from Montreal, Quebec, or if you are from Vancouver, British Columbia. The cost to register a provincial .ca domain name is the same as that for regular .ca domains.

If some of the canadian domain names you want come back as suspended, you can prebook these canadian domain names and have us try to get them for you as soon as they are available for registration. We have developed a dedicated system for this particular purpose, TBR Domains, INC. is certified by CIRA, the canadian entity assigned by the government of Canada to manage the canadian .ca domains, as a CIRA certified .ca canadian domains registrar. Click here to verify
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